Tennis at Park Terrace

Park Terrace features six tennis courts available all day and into the evening. There is a seventh singles-only court that also accommodates two pickleball courts. All courts are lit for nighttime play. Park Terrace also has a ball machine that can be reserved, free of charge to members.

Tennis Programs

Adult League Play

Park Terrace has both recreational and competitive teams for adults.


Park Terrace typically hosts two tournaments each year.

Tennis Lessons 

Group and Private Lessons are available with our tennis pro.

Youth Tennis

Year round youth tennis programs are available through Fitt 10s.


Park Terrace has 2 pickleball courts for recreational and in house league play.

Tennis Clinics

Introductory Clinics help players feel comfortable on the court no matter what their level or previous experience. Park Terrace Pros also offer Individual Private Lessons to help players improve and fine-tune their game. Group Tennis Lessons are also available – work with teammates or attend scheduled clinics to work with Park Terrace Pros to develop a variety of tennis skills

Recreational Tennis Play 

“Recreational tennis has become my favorite hobby and a vital part of my life. It’s a sport that I can play at my own pace and enjoy at any age. I appreciate the flexibility it offers, allowing me to tailor my playing sessions to my schedule and fitness level. Tennis keeps me mentally sharp, requiring strategic thinking and quick decision-making on the court. It’s a sport that challenges both my body and mind, while also providing an opportunity to socialize and make new friends.”

“I have been playing tennis for over a decade, and it has truly transformed my life. The sport has not only improved my physical fitness but also enhanced my mental agility and focus. Tennis has taught me the value of discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship.”