Youth and Family Programs

Park Terrace offers many youth and family programs for owners that include holiday socials, adult mixers, camps and more!

Youth and Family Programming


Park Terrace offers camps for ages 4-12 years old year round for owners. 


Park Terrace host a variety of classes such as lifeguarding, babysitting, art and more!

Family Socials

Park Terrace family atmosphere is the home to many family socials throughout the year.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp runs for 6 weeks over the summer and provides owners with a safe place to drop off their children for the day. Our program offers a diverse range of activities, allowing campers to explore new interests and try out different hobbies. Whether it’s swimming, arts and crafts, team sports, or adventure activities, there is usually something for everyone. The variety of activities ensures that campers can find something they enjoy and look forward to each day.